Born in Venezuela, Oriana Gómez-Zerpa grew up with a strong artistic heritage, influenced by living between Caracas, Madrid and Milan in her formative years. This initial exposure helped to develop her keen interest in visual arts, photography and fashion. Oriana graduated in Architecture, and right after finishing her Master in Italy moved to Luxembourg and then Antwerp, being currently active in the Belux region and offering services in commercial photography and product shots, going from interior architecture and portrait, to fashion accessories, furniture, jewelry and more.

Ever since a young girl, I had a fascination for fashion and design, and this never went away but stayed reserved deep inside of me, given that studying fashion or product design in my home country was not encouraging. My interest in photography as one of my favorite artistic expressions in modern times made me start experimenting with it during my architectural studies, as an expression for my creativity in terms of how I would look into the buildings and not only in how I would design them.

So, fashion and product photography was something that was bound to happen. Yes, I’m in it for the constant inspiration I get from having lived in cities like Milan and Antwerp, and for the intrinsic dynamicity of the sector, but I’m also in it as an outlet for my passion of photography and design, combined.

Oriana Gómez-Zerpa started the professional path in photography after undertaking a postgraduate in Advertising Photography at the EFTI School of Photography & Cinema in Madrid. She makes remarkable and compelling images and her resourceful approach to architecture, fashion and product photography is complemented by her detail-oriented personality and composition skills.


Oriana works with talented designers, makers and brands, helping them to capture the beautiful items they produce in a manner that does them justice. She provides the clients with creative and high-quality images for their online shops, marketing materials, advertising campaigns and more.

Her polyglot condition (Spanish, English, French, Italian and Dutch) and multicultural background allows her to work extensively and her vision is influenced by all the cultures, fashion and cities she has worked and lived in.

As a photographer in constant experimentation, her defining process still goes through its fair share of evolution, which exempts her from sticking to a single style.